What is Legacy Perl Solutions all about.

We keep your Perl Code going. If you have Perl systems that are running and making your business money, you may be dealing with the issue of how to maintain your systems and not be pressed into re-writing perfectly good code because your team or outside support no longer has expertise in Perl.

As specialist in legacy systems we possess special skills in working with systems where the documentation may not be complete or the original developers may no longer be part of your team. These skills include the ability to adapt to systems of a variety of designs (often very unique), reverse engineering, the patience to analyze code and not look for instant, technical debt producing, fixes and work through difficult problems.

We’re here to help, we have experience with Perl through all the coding and systems architecture styles Perl and systems in general have evolved through. Including the latest state of the art.

Our expertise encompasses design, architecture, coding, problem solving and maintenance of your applications.

We are practical, if your code was written well in a style that is no longer popular, we can handle that and will try to stay consistent with the style of your code.

When it makes sense we will write code for your system to the latest styles of Perl coding to take advantage of the evolution of design and maintainability systems have made over the years.

We have experience from the largest internet companies with scaled applications of thousands of machines to simple servers and business applications.

Additionally we have experience managing your systems; in your server rooms or AWS.

As Perl is used alongside many other languages and technologies, we work with other technologies as well. We have experience integrating Perl into a variety of ecosystems.

Please use our contact us page to find out more about what we can do for you.